Two cities have been all but obliterated. Twenty-seven thousand souls, utterly destroyed. Worse still, the belligerent ultra-nationalist rebel group, the Baalim, have grown bolder, and their false-gods, the long-enslaved Defiled, are restless and more resistant. Though the transitor machines still function, and the fields of divine energy yet protect the various city-states from external threats, the enemies from within threaten to tear the thin, fragile fabric of the realm apart.

And yet more: it is rumored that the ancient precursor race has awoken─and lain siege to the Eder, to Bastion, the very seat of the Lord. Though little is known of these beings, a name has been applied to them by all: Dracotaur.

And still another interloper upon the once-well-ordered land to be dealt with: in the Burned Land, reports of strange metal beasts that belch fire and black smoke, bristling with strange protrusions, and looping, segmented feet that churn the ground as they roll around exposed wheels. What these creatures may be, where the come from, and how they arrived in an otherwise blasted land remains a great mystery, one that could prove the undoing of all holy scripture and every history.

An Order of Chaos

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